What Kind of Lottery Player Are You?

Playing the lottery can be extremely fun and immensely rewarding for a few lucky players who scoop the enormous prizes in the games. But while people have a great many lottery traditions and experience the game differently, there are three major types of lottery players out there. So, think about your lottery habits and take a short quiz brought to you by theLotter to find out which of these three types of players you are.

  1. How often do you play the lottery?
    1. Whenever I feel really lucky or whenever there’s a huge jackpot.
    2. Every single week, I have a subscription for my favorite one(s).
    3. I put in a lottery ticket from time to time if I read about some large jackpot.
  2. When do you check lottery results?
    1. I usually read the numbers online the day following the draw.
    2. I get notifications about my wins after the draw from my online lottery service.
    3. Usually when I stumble upon old lottery tickets.
  3. What is the current amount of the US Powerball?
    1. I’m not sure, but they have the biggest jackpots, so I usually play it.
    2. Since last Saturday was a rollover, the jackpot is worth exactly $153 million.
    3. Powerball was the one with the billion-dollar jackpot, right?
  4. Where do you keep your lottery tickets?
    1. I always put them in my lucky box next to the large window in the kitchen.
    2. I usually buy my tickets online, so they are properly stored in a safe.
    3. My wallet, if I’m lucky, but I did find a lottery ticket in my jacket pocket last month.
  5. Have you ever won anything in the lottery?
    1. Not yet, but I have EuroMillions tickets for Friday, so that might change pretty soon.
    2. I’ve won several low-tier prizes, but my big win is just around the corner.
    3. Do scratch-offs count?
  6. What would you do if you won the $656 million jackpot in the Mega Millions lottery?
    1. I would probably travel the world and start a charity foundation.
    2. I would use it to take the stock market by force. And build my own company, of course.
    3. $656 million? I could buy literally anything.
  7. Would you ever consider playing the lottery as part of a syndicate?
    1. Maybe I could do that with my friends, sure, why not?
    2. I always do because it really increases my chances of winning.
    3. What’s a lottery syndicate?

Mostly a’s – The Enthusiastic Player

You view the lottery as an excellent opportunity to make your life even better, which is why you always put in a lottery ticket when you’re having a particularly good day. All of your positive energy makes the game fun for you, and even if you only get two or three of the winning numbers, you still get to feel like a million bucks. With such an amazing attitude, you are bound to scoop one of those big jackpots one day.

Mostly b’s – The Calculated Player

For you, playing the lottery is more than just a game of chance. You know that if you are persistent enough and use the best play strategies, you will get your big win some day. You enjoy the excitement of the lottery, but you take it very seriously. With such dedication and careful planning, your lottery fortune can’t be too far ahead.

Mostly c’s – The Detached Player

Playing the lottery can be fun, but you don’t really make a habit out of it. If you happen to hear about an enormous jackpot though, you’ll put in a ticket because, who knows, it may actually make you rich. The most important thing you need to win the lottery is a huge stroke of luck, but you also need a lottery ticket, so remember to buy one from time to time.

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