How to Organise a Good Pub Quiz?

Take any town, any city in any part of the UK and you will find  pub quizzes most nights of the week.  There are an estimated 22,000 quiz nights every week in the UK and this creates a lot of competition. But how can you make your pub quiz stand out? What could get people into your venue on a cold, wet Tuesday night in the middle of winter to answer Trivia questions? I have travelled the country played in pub quizzes and here are some of my tips on how to organise a good pub quiz.

First and foremost you have two prime considerations…venue and night of the week. If you’re pub is is the middle of nowhere, with very few transport links then maybe a quiz night isn’t for you. I have attend many quizzes in remote locations only to find 3-4 teams taking part and more often than not, the quiz being cancelled. In the city centre and town-central pubs then you already have won half the battle!

The selection of the night of the week is important too….We all know that Pub Quizzes tend to take place between Sunday-Thursday as they are designed to get people into the pubs on slow nights. Never forget this fact…the quiz is to drum up business. As much as I would love pubs to make the actual quiz the event itself, its merely a side show whilst you fill up their tills with cash! In recent years many quizzes have failed due to bad selection of nights. My tip would be to avoid Tuesday and Wednesdays. I have turned up to dozens of quizzes on these nights only to be told, in no uncertain terms, that the quiz wasn’t on because of Champions League Football, or the latest England game….do you think I went back? Therefore night selection is key….Sundays and Thursdays tend to be best attended.

The next step in the organisation is crucial and it involves advertising. Look online and you will find it baffling….some pubs you know have a quiz don’t advertise anywhere and without walking in and asking you will never know its on. Some pubs advertise quizzes that don’t exist due to out of date websites or newspaper listings. What you need to do for your pub quiz is get word out there….make sure everyone in the local area who wants to know knows. How can you do this….the answer comes in three easy parts –

1)      Get a notice in the pub! This sounds simple but so many people fail to do this. Make sure that anyone walking past the pub, or is in the pub at any time, knows the night of the quiz and time. On quiz night, get an advertising board outside….”Quiz Night – Tonight – 8pm £200 to be won”

2)      Social Media – Facebook, Twitter etc….make sure your quiz is advertised on there and the night before/day off make sure it is visible to all.

3)      Newspapers – The local press carries listing which may be out of date. Its often free and in the entertainment section so get on the phone and make sure it’s the right date and time listed in the paper.

Now you have done the ground work, the venue is right, the people are aware of the quiz and all it takes is for you to give them a great quizzing experience and people will be hooked. I have met people all around the country who have attended the same quiz week after week for decades…these are the people you want to make your quiz, and ultimately your business, succeed!


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