How Grey Are You In The Bedroom?

Traditionally, us Brits have been labeled as ‘prudes’, and slightly conservative when it comes to our sex lives. However a recent survey conducted last year could not prove this more wrong! According to the survey, Briton was listed as the fourth sexiest country in the world! That paired with the UK sex toy industry worth around £250 million a year, maybe it’s time to break the stereotype. We certainly are in the bedroom…

With the UK becoming more and more adventurous, SKYN Condoms have created a quiz, to see just have grey you are in the bedroom. With the top score being 50, and questions ranging from: How often do you have sex? To: What’s your idea of great foreplay? It will definitely grab your attention, and test your limits to see just how risky you are in private!

Take the quiz below to find out your result, there’s also a chance to win some SKYN samples in their giveaway!

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