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The World Quiz Championships

The World Quiz Championships

 As an avid quizzer I have always wanted to test myself at the highest level. Having competed on various TV shows, in quiz leagues and pub quizzes, I found out about the National UK Circuit. The next event on the calendar was the prestigious World Quiz Championships which take place each June. This was back in 2012 and finding one of the venues was Edinburgh, just a shirt ride away I decided to plunge myself in at the deep end and take part in the World Quiz Championships….and I have never looked back since.

The World Quiz Championships take place across the globe with thousands of players taking part in locations ranging from the UK to Belgium, The USA to Mexico, and Indonesia to Nepal. You name it and there will be a venue close by. The IQA who organise the event spend months planning, preparing, translating and communicating with their wide range of proctors world wide to ensure The World Quiz Championships run smoothly.  This dedication has seen The World Quiz Championships grow from strength to strength.

Who competes? Anyone and everyone! There is no criteria to who is allowed to take part, no qualification, no testing….as I said when I first attended back in 2012 I simply paid my entry fee (Around £13 for newcomers, £25 for returners) and there I was competing with the big names of the quiz world including Eggheads, Chasers and Mastermind winners.

What is the format? The World Quiz Championships is much like a school exam. You sit a series of papers which vary in subject and difficulty. Each paper contains a range of questions on a given subject (Media, History, Science, Sport etc etc) and you simply read and answer. The deathly silence in the hall gives plenty of room for concentration. Marking is done by an opposing player so you find out answers straight away. After two 90 minute sessions you discard the lowest score and add up your total and submit your answer slip, signed by you and a marker. Your World Quiz Championships is therefore done!

Usually by the end of the day you will have a national result and then it’s a case of watching the Internet to wait from results from far flung places to arrive. The World Quiz Championships organisers are very good at keeping people informed via social media and online so before long you will know how well you did!

The World Quiz Championships is obviously a challenge and many of the questions you may well never have heard of let alone the answers but it is intended to separate the best from the best. Don’t be out off by the toughies, there is something in there for everyone. Great at sport? Then you will see your world ranking in each particular field. The World Quiz Championships results are detailed so you can see exactly how you measure up.

The content of the questions obviously stray from the usual British/American centred so you learn plenty of new information from the The World Quiz Championships and may even discover some area of knowledge to explore.

But all in all the The World Quiz Championships is a great social occasion too. After the main event each venue will have team quizzes for fun, extra add on events and even drinks and food. You will meet wonderful people, make friends and above all have a great day quizzing. The World Quiz Championships is a growing event and long may it continue.