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Wise Owl Sports Betting Service Review

One of the services that’s consistently ranked in the top three for documented online sports services is Wise Owl Sports. Founded by industry Sharp, Mike Wise, Wise Owls is considered one of the models of consistency over the last ten years in sports picks.

Mike Wise and his team have receive rave reviews for their exceptional customer service and friendly staff over the years, earning themselves multiple awards for their service. It’s easy to see why they’re so friendly once you find out that they also have a 66% overall winning record for the last eight years. That’s as impressive of a streak as you’ll come across in all of the world of sports betting in any country or sport.

Mike Wise has been featured in various national publications for his success in sports picking over the years. Forbes magazine, Yahoo Sports, ESPN radio, and Gambling911 are just a few of the prominent media outlets that have acknowledged Mike Wise and his incredible winning percentage over his career in sports picking. Not only is he popular amongst national publications, but Mike Wise has also been featured by other sports services for his plays. Multiple online sports handicapping services have outsourced their picks to Mike Wise and his team at Wise Owl Sports. He’s worked with some of the biggest names in the business as a consultant, like Sports Information Traders and SportsLynx as well as acting as a consultant for College Football Oddsmakers much like Kenny White does. Not only is he in high demand from his clients, but also his peers, and it’s hard to argue with that considering his 66% winning percentage.

Mike Wise solidified his spot amongst the sports handicapping world’s elite when he won an amazing 71% of regular season plays in the 2014 NFL season, which is still the best season on record for any documented sports handicapper in history. And old-school handicapper who doesn’t rely on formulas or anything other than his team of resources and his knack for picking sports winners, Mike Wise has shown that his style still works better than anyone else even in this age of sports picking formulas and data analysis implemented by other sports handicapping services.

Wise Owl Sports is one of the most reputable and consistent services in the country, especially in the three major American sports: Football, Baseball, and Basketball. And it doesn’t matter if it’s in the pro game or its college counterpart, Mike Wise and his team are always ranked consistently among the best in the business. We highly recommend their team at Wise Owl Sports Service, and think they’re worth strong consideration next time you’re looking for consistent and quality sports picks.