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Best Football Quiz Sites

Best Football Quizzes

Two of my main passions in life are football and quizzing, hence over the years I have used a heck a lot of football quiz sites. Ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, the choice on offer when you want to test out your football knowledge, so using my experience here are the top 5 Football Quiz Websites around today…..

  1. FootieQuiz

Straight in at first place, without doubt, is Footiequiz. A long running, frequently updated treasure trove of football trivia to get stuck into. Experience quiz writers have clearly been used to make sure that the site doesn’t give you the same old questions you have heard a thousand times before. Instead, with FootieQuiz you get unique content, fresh questions and features such as leader boards which adds to the fun. I have spent countless hours trawling through the site playing in their vast range of quizzes and it has been time worthwhile. When it comes to the top football quiz site on the internet then FootieQuiz is the one to start with….why delay, log on and get quizzing today and see what all the fuss is about?

  1. Sporcle

Everyone already knows Sporcle right? And if you don’t prepare to be addicted. The site is based around list style questions and with both owner created and user created content there is more than enough here to keep you going a lifetime. At times some of the lists seem out of date but generally the content is absorbing, easy to play and dangerously addictive!

  1. Quiz Factor

Quiz Factor is more of a general quiz site, catering to a wide range of subjects, and hence is not as specialised as some of the sites on here. But still, the content is fantastic! The questions have been prepared with care, and although the sheer volume cannot compete with the likes of FootieQuiz, what is there is very enjoyable. My only one criticism is the games are a little slow loading at times, but with a little patience you are going to get a lot out of this wonderful collection of trivia!

  1. Quizible

Another decent range of questions, that at times gets very niche, but the site runs smoothly, seems to have new quizzes every day and works a treat. Plenty to get stuck into and accuracy is high! Not going to last you too long

  1. Football Teasers

Different to other sites as the questions tend to be rarer, usually a couple a day supported by Twitter, but the questions are “thinkers”. There has been some utterly fantastic trivia on here over the years, they do of course have off days but generally if you love football and trivia, then its well worth keeping a regular eye on!


Over the years, the gambling market in India has been severely restricted by the government as they have strictly regulated gambling and gambling related activities, allowing only lotteries and horse racing.

In India, gambling is a state subject, and only states were entitled to make legislation that affects its activities in their locality. In states like Maharashtra, online gaming is a banned offence. Only three states allow casinos, and they are Goa, Daman, and Sikkim.  In this three states, casinos can only be played in five-star hotels or offshore vessels with permission from the government.

India’s Public Gambling Law prohibits running or being in charge of a gambling center this law comes with a penalty of up to ₹200 or imprisonment of up to 3 months while those who participate in gaming are made to pay ₹100.  The Information Technology Act 2000 of India also prohibits the transmission of information that can corrupt people and this includes gambling which comes with a punishment of ₹100,000 or imprisonment up to 5 years.

Most Indian nationalities who criticize gambling claims that it could lead to crime, corruption and money laundering while others who are in support of it argue that if gambling is properly regulated, it will lead to revenue generation. It is difficult to forsee them allowing games such as Leprechaun Goes to Hell Slot being played in rural Punjab any time soon!

Strict regulations on gambling in India have given rise to a high number of illegal gambling throughout the country.  Presently, the India gambling market is estimated to worth over US$60 billion per year. The expected revenue rate has generated interest of foreigners who are eager to make profit from the India gambling market with companies such as William Hill and Ladbrokes who have decided to win the gaming licenses offered by the state of Sikkim, which is the only Indian State to provide gambling license.

In 2016 fiscal year, the total revenue generated from the gaming market in India is estimated to be US$1,059.08 million, and the figure is expected to rise by 17.6 % between 2017 to 2021 and reach US$2,229.90 million by FY2021.

The growth in the segment can be attributed to increasing lottery ticket sales, and a whopping tourism and hospitality sector. One of the biggest problem faced by players in India is the fact that depositing to foreign account is very difficult; most gamblers pay money online using Neteller or Moneybookers, others attempt to use Visa or MasterCard which may fail. To get around these blocks, savvy internet users have started making use of e-wallet services for depositing.

For India to compete favourably with countries such as Singapore, Macau, and Malaysia, there is a need to create a law that will promote gambling and attract leading gaming experts to invest in the industry.

The government also needs to encourage individuals interested in investing by removing all forms of restriction.  If these limitations are not removed, local gamblers may be forced to look for gambling destinations such as Singapore, Macau or Malaysia.

With the tremendous potential and revenues expected to be generated from the Indian gaming market, the world awaits to see if India will open its doors by creating a conducive environment for gamblers to operate and generate income.







For the British the ‘National’ needs no introducing. But for non Brits the The Grand National perhaps needs a little explaining. The ‘National’ is an annual horse race held at Aintree Racecourse near Liverpool, England and is the most valued horse race in Europe and currently has a prize of £1 million.

The race started in 1839, has been up and running for over 170 years. The winner of the first race was called Lottery came in at 5-1, the race included one jump and a stone wall!

Here are some of the things you may not know about the Grand National.

  • As mentioned the first Grand National was in 1839.
  • The Red Rum horse has the most wins having won three times in 1973, 1974 and 1977

  • Manifesto has the most appearance in the game having appeared eight times,
  • Aubrey Hastings has the most win by a trainer after winning four times 
  • Captain James Machell has the most wins by an owner after winning three times with Disturbance 1873, Reugny 1874 and Regal 1876 – obviously a long time ago!
  • The only entries to have won the race in 1906 and 1938 is Ascetic’s Silver
  • The first woman to train a Grand National Winner is Jenny Pitman
  • The second woman to also train a Grand National Winner is Venetia Williams with Mon Mome
  • 17 years old Bruce Hobbs and 48 years old Dick Saunders are the youngest and oldest jockey to have won the Grand National.
  • The only Scottish horse to have won the race is Rubstic
  • The only Grand National Winners to have also won the Cheltenham Gold Cup is Legendary Golden Miller and L’ Escargot.
  • Billy Watkinson is the first Australian Jockey to win the race while the Lamb was the first grey horse to win the Grand Nationals in 1868 and 1871.
  • The first two horses to finish the race in 1928 are Tippery Tim and 100-1 outsider.
  • Sergeant Murphy was the first US horse to win the race in 1923
  • Queen Elizabeth had her first runner race in Monaveen in 1950
  • Since the great Red Rum race in 1973 and 1974, no horse has won Grand Nationals consecutively.
  • The most successful jockey is Brian Fletcher.
  • It is one of the most gambled on races in the world. But if you are looking for a cheeky free bet then check out
  • One of the Jockeys to have recorded victory twice is Fred Winter having won in 1952 and 1962
  • In 2017, the race which was sponsored by Randox Health was won by One for Arthur ridden by Jockey Derek.
  • The next race will be held in April 2018.

So many facts and figures – we may even write a special quiz about it!


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Dirty Dancing


It has been nearly 28 years since Johnny Castle affirmed that “Nobody puts baby in a corner” in the 80’s classic Dirty Dancing. Dirty Dancing is a romantic drama dance film about an innocent upper-class girl “Baby” Houseman (Jennifer Grey) who goes along with her parents on a summer retreat. There, she becomes interested in Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze), the resorts dance instructor. Baby abandons her sophisticated dance and entertainment arena of her friends and family and goes on a dancing adventure with Johnny, engaging in a new type of dance which is all about thrills and sensuality.

Baby then grows obsessed with this style of dancing, and as she regularly works with Johnny, she faces some challenges which include her parent’s disapproval, rules restricting fraternization between staff and guests and challenges in the wait staffs personal lives.

Dirty Dancing is a fantastic movie with an interesting plot, there are even Dirty Dancing Casino Slots, and almost 30 years later, there’s still a lot that leaves fans puzzled. Here are some facts about this iconic movie which has grossed over $215 million worldwide.


In the movie Red Dawn, Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey didn’t get along so well so Jennifer almost passed on the role of Baby until she was convinced by Swayze that it would be a mistake. I fact, in the scene where Johnny seems angry with Baby while rehearsing their choreographed dance wasn’t staged as he was frustrated that she kept laughing. It’s wonderful that the producers decided to keep that scene eventually.


Like Baby, Bergstein grew up in Brooklyn, her father was a doctor, she visited the Catskills in the 1960’s, she was called “Baby”, and she learnt to dance at house parties. However, in an interview with The Age in 2005, Bergstein admitted that there’s also a great deal of Johnny in her- she knows to dance dirty too.


Grey was so scared of making the famous lift move that she refused to practice beforehand. Luckily for her, they got it right first time, and since then she hasn’t done the move again.


Dirty dancing is extremely popular in popular culture, and there have been a few spin-offs, and Dirty Dancing themed events and franchises.

Funny as it seems, there is a casino slots gamebased off the Dirty Dancing movie. Also, The Pembroke, Virginia resort where a majority of the Kellerman’s scenes were filmed consistently hosts Dirt-dancing themed weekends yearly.


Yeah, ‘Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” Swayze said he initially hated it, but once he saw the completed movie, he admitted it worked.

Genting Casino Live

Genting Casino Live is a breakthrough game that will you with endless hours of fun, enjoyment and a unique gaming experience. The market for online gambling is larger than ever, which has meant that people with the accessibility to play casino games has grown. No longer do you need to dress up, take a trip into a local city and play in a real casino to get your fix. Genting Casino Live gives you the full real life casino experience in your own home!

The range of games on offer on Genting Casino Live is indeed, bigger than any casino you can imagine. With the range of games, buy ins, stakes and table and slot options, there isn’t a casino big enough in the world to house the range of options Genting Casino Live gives you. So not only are you in the comfort of your own home with Genting Casino Live but you are getting an experience better than the real thing.

Another great feature of Genting Casino Live is that you don’t have to be a computer whizz to work it. Sign up takes a matter of minutes and with minimal effort you will be up and running, paying and winning with Genting Casino Live.  The whole system is easy to play and the whole experience is at your fingertips. Whatever your choice of games, your stakes, how long you are playing for and whatever options you like….. Genting Casino Live gives you the greatest  experience possible.

Genting Casino Live appreciate that when you want a gaming experience you want a hassle free, easy to use and responsive system and that is exactly what you get. Winning money at casino games has never been as easy!

Indeed, Genting Casino Live also gives you the option to play in a real casino experience on any mobile device and tablet with a wifi connection. Do you have an odd hour to kill on the bus? Or want to pass some time on your work at lunch? Then Genting Casino Live can give you that fix you need!

At the end of the day, when you want to play quick, easy to use, easy to play and fun casino games then there is only one place you should look and that’s Genting Casino Live. Why try the rest when you can play the best, and the best is quite simply Genting Casino Live.

Chinese Food Slots

Chinese Food Slots

Playing online gambling can be fun, providing you carry out your gaming on sits that can offer you the very finest, most reliable and most fun games to play. Indeed, food slots are a current craze in the online gambling world and if you are looking for the top Chinese food slots around then look no further.

The market for top Chinese food slots is very competitive indeed and there to stand out and have the very finest of the top Chinese food slots you need quirky games and exciting ideas. Take for example iSoftbets 5 reel 30 playline slot based on the character of Kobushi in a food setting. Fast, frantic and fun with plenty of ways to win, this kind of gaming set up is what top Chinese food slots should all be about. With the bright colourful characters coupled with the mixture of Asian foods, there can be very little doubt that these are amongst the finest top Chinese food slots you can play.

If you are still hungry for more top Chinese food slots after trying that batch then the Tokyo Cat Café from Bet365, which comes with a very alluring offer of a 100% matched bonus for your first deposit, will entertain as well. Bet365 are always pushing the boundaries and innovating new games and when it comes to top Chinese food slots they really have hit the nail on the head with this game! The central character, mixed with the food on display, makes for an eye catching game . You even get a story about a search of a sushi cat to follow as you play along. What other top Chinese food slots can offer you that?

One of my favourite games is Big Chef which adds a novel twist to the top Chinese food slots genre by taking you into a reality based TV show, not too dissimilar to Masterchef. A genius idea to mix the fun, frantic and enjoyable games involved in top Chinese food slots with the ever popular format of reality TV. No wonder these are amongst the better top Chinese food slots on the market.

But in essence, whatever you are looking for, browse the market, see what is around and find some top Chinese food slots that suit you. There is something out there for everyone. Don’t delay, get playing (and winning) on the internets biggest, best and top Chinese food slots games today.

What Kind of Lottery Player Are You?

Playing the lottery can be extremely fun and immensely rewarding for a few lucky players who scoop the enormous prizes in the games. But while people have a great many lottery traditions and experience the game differently, there are three major types of lottery players out there. So, think about your lottery habits and take a short quiz brought to you by theLotter to find out which of these three types of players you are.

  1. How often do you play the lottery?
    1. Whenever I feel really lucky or whenever there’s a huge jackpot.
    2. Every single week, I have a subscription for my favorite one(s).
    3. I put in a lottery ticket from time to time if I read about some large jackpot.
  2. When do you check lottery results?
    1. I usually read the numbers online the day following the draw.
    2. I get notifications about my wins after the draw from my online lottery service.
    3. Usually when I stumble upon old lottery tickets.
  3. What is the current amount of the US Powerball?
    1. I’m not sure, but they have the biggest jackpots, so I usually play it.
    2. Since last Saturday was a rollover, the jackpot is worth exactly $153 million.
    3. Powerball was the one with the billion-dollar jackpot, right?
  4. Where do you keep your lottery tickets?
    1. I always put them in my lucky box next to the large window in the kitchen.
    2. I usually buy my tickets online, so they are properly stored in a safe.
    3. My wallet, if I’m lucky, but I did find a lottery ticket in my jacket pocket last month.
  5. Have you ever won anything in the lottery?
    1. Not yet, but I have EuroMillions tickets for Friday, so that might change pretty soon.
    2. I’ve won several low-tier prizes, but my big win is just around the corner.
    3. Do scratch-offs count?
  6. What would you do if you won the $656 million jackpot in the Mega Millions lottery?
    1. I would probably travel the world and start a charity foundation.
    2. I would use it to take the stock market by force. And build my own company, of course.
    3. $656 million? I could buy literally anything.
  7. Would you ever consider playing the lottery as part of a syndicate?
    1. Maybe I could do that with my friends, sure, why not?
    2. I always do because it really increases my chances of winning.
    3. What’s a lottery syndicate?

Mostly a’s – The Enthusiastic Player

You view the lottery as an excellent opportunity to make your life even better, which is why you always put in a lottery ticket when you’re having a particularly good day. All of your positive energy makes the game fun for you, and even if you only get two or three of the winning numbers, you still get to feel like a million bucks. With such an amazing attitude, you are bound to scoop one of those big jackpots one day.

Mostly b’s – The Calculated Player

For you, playing the lottery is more than just a game of chance. You know that if you are persistent enough and use the best play strategies, you will get your big win some day. You enjoy the excitement of the lottery, but you take it very seriously. With such dedication and careful planning, your lottery fortune can’t be too far ahead.

Mostly c’s – The Detached Player

Playing the lottery can be fun, but you don’t really make a habit out of it. If you happen to hear about an enormous jackpot though, you’ll put in a ticket because, who knows, it may actually make you rich. The most important thing you need to win the lottery is a huge stroke of luck, but you also need a lottery ticket, so remember to buy one from time to time.

Wise Owl Sports Betting Service Review

One of the services that’s consistently ranked in the top three for documented online sports services is Wise Owl Sports. Founded by industry Sharp, Mike Wise, Wise Owls is considered one of the models of consistency over the last ten years in sports picks.

Mike Wise and his team have receive rave reviews for their exceptional customer service and friendly staff over the years, earning themselves multiple awards for their service. It’s easy to see why they’re so friendly once you find out that they also have a 66% overall winning record for the last eight years. That’s as impressive of a streak as you’ll come across in all of the world of sports betting in any country or sport.

Mike Wise has been featured in various national publications for his success in sports picking over the years. Forbes magazine, Yahoo Sports, ESPN radio, and Gambling911 are just a few of the prominent media outlets that have acknowledged Mike Wise and his incredible winning percentage over his career in sports picking. Not only is he popular amongst national publications, but Mike Wise has also been featured by other sports services for his plays. Multiple online sports handicapping services have outsourced their picks to Mike Wise and his team at Wise Owl Sports. He’s worked with some of the biggest names in the business as a consultant, like Sports Information Traders and SportsLynx as well as acting as a consultant for College Football Oddsmakers much like Kenny White does. Not only is he in high demand from his clients, but also his peers, and it’s hard to argue with that considering his 66% winning percentage.

Mike Wise solidified his spot amongst the sports handicapping world’s elite when he won an amazing 71% of regular season plays in the 2014 NFL season, which is still the best season on record for any documented sports handicapper in history. And old-school handicapper who doesn’t rely on formulas or anything other than his team of resources and his knack for picking sports winners, Mike Wise has shown that his style still works better than anyone else even in this age of sports picking formulas and data analysis implemented by other sports handicapping services.

Wise Owl Sports is one of the most reputable and consistent services in the country, especially in the three major American sports: Football, Baseball, and Basketball. And it doesn’t matter if it’s in the pro game or its college counterpart, Mike Wise and his team are always ranked consistently among the best in the business. We highly recommend their team at Wise Owl Sports Service, and think they’re worth strong consideration next time you’re looking for consistent and quality sports picks.

Do You Know Your ‘Learning Style’ ?

Your learning style will influence the way you solve problems, and understand information, so making sure you know your individual learning style is crucial! Not only for children, but for adults too!

There are three main styles, they are:

• Visual
• Auditory
• Tactile

Some people will fall into just one category, however a lot of people can be spread across 2 styles, and therefore use a combination of different learning styles to assist and help them.

Below is a quiz courtesy of Edustaff, where you can find out your individual learning style:

How Grey Are You In The Bedroom?

Traditionally, us Brits have been labeled as ‘prudes’, and slightly conservative when it comes to our sex lives. However a recent survey conducted last year could not prove this more wrong! According to the survey, Briton was listed as the fourth sexiest country in the world! That paired with the UK sex toy industry worth around £250 million a year, maybe it’s time to break the stereotype. We certainly are in the bedroom…

With the UK becoming more and more adventurous, SKYN Condoms have created a quiz, to see just have grey you are in the bedroom. With the top score being 50, and questions ranging from: How often do you have sex? To: What’s your idea of great foreplay? It will definitely grab your attention, and test your limits to see just how risky you are in private!

Take the quiz below to find out your result, there’s also a chance to win some SKYN samples in their giveaway!