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2014 Quiz of the Year (49 questions)

What a year 2014 was! But how much can you remember about what happened in the news, politics,in sport and in entertainment?

Pub quiz questions on: 2014 Quiz of the Year
2013 Quiz of the Year (21 questions)

What can you remember from the past year? News, sport and entertainment questions from 2013.

Pub quiz questions on: 2013 Quiz of the Year
2012 Quiz of the Year (50 questions)

News, sport and entertainment questions from 2012.

Pub quiz questions on: 2012 Quiz of the Year
2011 Quiz of the Year (25 questions)

News, sport and entertainment questions from 2011.

Pub quiz questions on: 2011 Quiz of the Year
General Knowledge Quiz (461 questions)

Really test your brain with multiple choice general knowledge 'pub quiz' questions.

Pub quiz questions on: General Knowledge
Film and TV Quiz (273 questions)

From Hollywood blockbusters to Coronation Street - questions that will reveal the real film buffs.

Pub quiz questions on: Film and TV
Music Quiz (216 questions)

The music quiz covers everything from Abba to ZZ Top with even a bit of Mozart in the middle.

Pub quiz questions on: Music
Sport and Hobbies Quiz (184 questions)

Sport fanatics will love these multiple choice quizzes. Everything is covered from football to tiddlywinks. For football quizzes visit our sister website: Footie Quiz.

Pub quiz questions on: Sport and Hobbies
Geography Quiz (237 questions)

Around the world in 1000 questions. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe - how good is your knowledge of the world?

Pub quiz questions on: Geography
Science and Nature Quiz (199 questions)

The human body, animals, astronomy and natural world are some of the subjects covered in this quiz category.

Pub quiz questions on: Science and Nature
History Quiz (143 questions)

Our history quiz will really get your brain cells working.

Pub quiz questions on: History
Art and Literature Quiz (115 questions)

Pub quiz questions on: Art and Literature

Politics Quiz (67 questions)

Pub quiz questions on: Politics
Religion Quiz (40 questions)

Questions to test your knowledge about religions from all over the world.

Pub quiz questions on: Religion
Food and Drink Quiz (105 questions)

Do you know your claret from your beaujolais?

Pub quiz questions on: Food and Drink
Maths Quiz (23 questions)

No calculators allowed in the maths quiz!

Pub quiz questions on: Maths
Christmas Quiz (32 questions)

Get in the Christmas spirit and prepare for the festivities with the all new Christmas quiz.

Pub quiz questions on: Christmas

More Fun Quizzes:

The Office Quiz (10 questions)

UK TV Sitcom.

Pub quiz questions on: The Office
The Apprentice Quiz (12 questions)

UK TV series.

Pub quiz questions on: The Apprentice
Gavin & Stacey Quiz (20 questions)

UK TV sitcom.

Pub quiz questions on: Gavin & Stacey
X Factor Quiz (20 questions)

UK TV show.

Pub quiz questions on: X Factor
Game of Thrones Quiz (20 questions)

TV Series

Pub quiz questions on: Game of Thrones
James Bond Quiz (31 questions)

How much do you know about the 007 films?

Pub quiz questions on: James Bond
Lord of the Rings Quiz (20 questions)

A quiz on all things Middle Earth.

Pub quiz questions on: Lord of the Rings
The Inbetweeners Quiz (20 questions)

UK TV sitcom.

Pub quiz questions on: The Inbetweeners
Friends Quiz (20 questions)

American TV sitcom.

Pub quiz questions on: Friends
Fawlty Towers Quiz (15 questions)

UK TV sitcom.

Pub quiz questions on: Fawlty Towers the home of 100's of free pub quiz questions

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3.England Impsman8062
4.Oceania PremiumBloke8027
5.Republic of Ireland Hibernian Dec7957
6.England farboyron7686
7.Republic of Ireland johnantmoo7104
8.England Fulham Stevie6708
9.Republic of Ireland Darlington Dex6704
10.England Superdimbo6638
11.England TezDeb6324
12.England RGCollie6106
13.Oceania scottielogic6085
14.England Evers5918
15.England Manticore5866
16.England petrovitch5805
17.England flyboy5738
18.England puggylip5682
19.Wales marby5641
20.America Punkwhovian5492
21.England Blacknapkins5435
22.England Redmondy5250
23.Wales daemonchild685149
24.England WesH5120
25.Scotland msminimilk5015
26.Scotland SAGRIA4914
27.England Gareth4850
28.England Gretl674758
29.England Derby74438
30.England kez4412
31.England Mel4397
32.England you are here: X4378
33.England ALEXMURF4371
34.England Finners19804244
35.England Sears364093
36.England woofer3987
37.England potty3944
38.England Sholy983891
39.England halgand3870
40.Europe Chel3841
41.England parsia3744
42.Europe Cherry3662
43.England Clio3651
44.England bluey313628
45.England dali25743561
46.England therealmatt3534
47.England PhilReed3516
48.England superpro3486
49.Scotland lambchop3470
50.Europe Tonis3458
51.England scubba3342
52.England aicram3303
53.England Pamela Dei-Ceci3239
54.England Jack3233
55.England sallysatnav3228
56.England Andyy3186
57.England jethro3183
58.England creed3181
59.England Tommy3177
60.England kearnsie13135
61.England sylvio663037
62.England tucks2972
63.England Kieran2957
64.England Quizman2955
65.England frano2929
66.England Sn00ten2928
67.Scotland Steven2880
68.England lenjo2859
69.England chinmeister552844
70.England kaizen122833
71.England peckham2827
72.Scotland mel2774
73.England Scotty2004772760
74.Wales wotsit2731
75.Wales dazter2724
76.England warby2710
77.England Ek712693
78.England Rlday252614
79.England calv2517
80.England anne2508
81.England Lilian2493
82.Northern Ireland mousey2470
83.England melly862453
84.England Bernie2439
85.England Jocky2391
86.England Smboxer2380
87.England Gavandstace12368
88.England Plumberto2307
89.England sophiegotshal2300
90.England lisalalisa922284
91.England CA2284
92.England dave436uk2262
93.England camdale2254
94.England goodison galactico2223
95.England commoner2222
96.England team free period2219
97.England jojoz2208
98.England crazycat2165
99.England robin hood2155
100.Northern Ireland rangersman2125
101.England tracy2110
102.Northern Ireland Amanda2105
103.England jazzman2098
104.England badmansgirl2053
105.Oceania omardada2043
106.England Tallulah2035
107.Wales rarebit2024
108.England Jonah2019
109.Wales wallis1986
110.England SDD1982
111.Northern Ireland moowuck1935
112.England debs1926
113.England Gill1924
114.England jananne1922
115.England judith161951921
116.England bramleyandy1918
117.Wales Ceri1900
118.England marionegp1893
119.England Master1892
120.England merlin1888
121.England Rosie1880
122.England bobly1826
123.England Mim1822
124.Asia azmanhakim1809
125.England funkyfun1800
126.Wales Jak27101790
127.England Jaynie1755
128.England princessks081717
129.England andrew1711
130.England Georgiana1695
131.England Emzaa1693
132.Europe cad1684
133.Republic of Ireland dark crystal1665
134.England cc1645
135.England Mercules1642
136.England BADGER1629
137.Europe andrewcallee1622
138.Asia mikey1605
139.England Sean G1601
140.Wales rod1592
141.Scotland firecata31522
142.England mr beats1507
143.Scotland Strome1499
144.England Stuart1478
145.England Hearty1464
146.England Quizzy1461
147.England danny1459
148.England brettster1454
149.England TwickChick1451
150.Scotland Joanna Nowak1450

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